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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Recycled Boats at Lindisfarne of Northumberland

++ Photo by Kevin Wakelam

++ Photo by jones-y-gog

++ Photo by Fiona McPhie

Lindisfarne - Also known As Holy Island

A favorite holiday destinations in the UK is Northumberland with its miles and miles of unspoilt coastline. Whenever you go to Northumberland you should make a point of going to Lindisfarne, a tidal island, which is also known as Holy Island. Its not a big place, it has a population of just over 160, but large parts of it, along with its adjacent coastline is protected as a National Nature Reserve and it is also an island which is steeped in history.The views from Lindisfarne are second to none whether you turn out to sea or over to the mainland, and there is also large variety of bird life visiting the island.

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